Huge improvement in power delivery! Nice job on this programing.
Now the truck is actually usable haha.

Thank you,

Scott A.
2006 International DT466 using Orion Reflash System for Navistar

My thoughts on the Orion Reflash System for Navistar.

About 2 months ago we took a trip that was about a 7 hour round trip. This trip was before your tune. On any highway we averaged 57-62 mph (stock 195hp) as that is about all the bus really wanted to go without really pushing the pedal hard.

I have your 230 hp tune in it now and as I mentioned before the drivability is night and day better. This trip we stayed with traffic so most of the highway stuff we were going 62-70 mph. On both trips it was very similar in weight and the wind wasn’t much of a factor on either trip. We saw probably a dozen pretty good hill pulls for MN that we didn’t see on the trip without the tuner.

So you would say that with hills and a faster speed that the MPG has to suck right!? I am happy to report with all that against it we got 1.1 mpg better with the tuner!!! You don’t understand how much more enjoyable this thing is to drive with your tune!


Orion Reflash System for Navistar - https://orionreflash.com

Josh G.
2001 Navistar T444e using Orion Reflash System for Navistar

I received my custom tunes last week from PHP. I purchased a 87 tow and 87 performance tune. I have been using the 87 performance tune for the week and I can say it really adds a burst of energy to the trucks acceleration. I had a motorcycle pass a car ahead of me last night and I followed punched the accelerator and all I can say is wow. One benefit that I hope holds up is the gas mileage. I got 19.4 miles per gallon last tank and that is the highest I have ever had. I look forward to getting to drive my truck. I would hate to drive my STOCK tune for sure now.

David C.
2007 F-150 4.6L 4X4 STX Regular Cab with A/T
Custom-tuned Gryphon CTS

First off I want to tell you that your level of customer service through the buying process was absolutely unequivocally top notch, even during the holiday when you were taking time off your responses were timely and concise.

Second, I have installed my Gryphon and just like every single other post out there states: THIS THING HAS REVOLUTIONIZED THE PERFORMANCE OF MY TRUCK. From the throttle response to shift points to the mere fact that my wheels wouldn't spin (before the tune) when I punched it to a nice little burn out and yes, folks, that's without power braking (the only other mod I have is a flowmaster 50 cat back single side exit exhaust). The throttle response alone makes this a worthwhile investment.

Please feel free to pass my email or phone number to anyone who lives in Nassau/Suffolk or Queens if they ever need to see what a Gryphon can do to a stock F150. It is the biggest bang for your buck modification you can do.

2008 Ford F-150
Custom-tuned Gryphon Programmer