HydraFlash – v3.0.3 (Mac)

HydraFlash is the application used with our Hydra Chip to load calibration files onto the device.

How to Install:
1. Unzip the downloaded file

2. Move the HydraFlash app to your Applications folder on your mac.

3. Done

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HydraFlash – v2.0.1.1670 (Windows)

HydraFlash is the application used with our Hydra Chip to load calibration files onto the device.

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Orion Reflash System for Navistar – v1.01.0298 (Windows)

Orion Reflash System is used with our Orion Hardware to reflash 1998 to 2007 Navistar vehicles.

NOTE: Orion Reflash System is currently only compatible with Windows-based computers.

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Minotaur – v3.02.01.0390 (Windows)

Power Hungry Performance's Minotaur™ Automotive Tuning Software is the ideal tuning platform for both the professional tuner and the hobbyist. With simple, graphical displays, you can visually adjust fuel curves, timing tables, speed limits, shifting strategies, and hundreds of other functions. Combined with the QuarterHorse™ emulator, this becomes a powerful Live-Tuning platform for the 7.3L Power Stroke as well as most 1988 to 2003 gasoline vehicles. Now with available options for later model F-150's and 6.0L's, you will be able to build your own calibrations to match the mechanical modifications of your truck.

You're welcome to download the software for free and receive a limited function demo license so you can test-drive it! Simply enter the name "Demo User" (without the quotes) when asked and you will be up and running in no time at all.

NOTE: Minotaur is currently only compatible with Windows-based computers.

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Pegasus – v2.02.1090 (Windows)

Pegasus is the software needed to download files and updates to a Gryphon programmer. It is also used to read vehicles and unlock programmers.

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TeamViewer Remote Desktop – v12.0.259192

TeamViewer Remote Desktop Support.

This is used by the Staff at Power Hungry Performance to help remotely diagnose issues with our software.

Note: Using this application will allow our staff to be able to access your computer during the duration of the Remote Desktop session. Our staff will, in no way, use this utility to engage in any subversive, damaging, or otherwise illegal activities while connected to your computer. The safety, security, and confidentiality of your personal data and information is extremely important, and we will not violate the your rights or your trust.

By using this application, you are agreeing that you fully understand the risks of allowing our staff remote access to your computer, and you further agree to hold Power Hungry Performance, Inc. and its employees harmless in the event of any incident that may render your computer inoperable.

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Silicon Labs USB to UART Driver – v6.7.6

This is the latest USB Driver for the SiLabs USB to UART (COM Port) device. This is used by Orion, Pegasus, and PhoenixFlash on all the later devices. If you are having a problem with the USB Driver that comes with the installers, please upgrade using this version.

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Hydra Builder – v1.01.0022

This simply utility makes it easy to offer your customers securely encrypted calibrations. This helps prevent unauthorized distribution or modification of your calibrations. Simply download and install the utility. Once the installation is complete, run the application, enter the customer's Serial Number from the Hydra Chip™, and then drag the desired files into the file window. The files will be converted from a standard binary (*.bin) file to a Hydra Custom File (*.hcf).

The encrypted files will work ONLY on the designated chip as determined by the serial number.

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PATS ID and Reset

For Ford owners, this helps provide proper igntion key and PATS (Passice Anti-Theft System) identification so that you can easily replace keys on your vehicle. PLEASE NOTE - If you do not already have 2 functioning keys, you will need to have a factory service tool in order to reset the PATS system. Otherwise, the vehicle will need to be brought to the dealership or other authorized repair facility to have the keys reset.

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OBD-II System Readiness Test

In certain municipalities, vehicles need to be inspected for emissions. If you've made modifications to the vehicle, cleared any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), or have disconnected the batteries, your vehicle may need to complete a System Readiness Test procedure before you can pass your emissions test. This document outlines the driving conditions the procedure requires to complete test. A very handy document for repair shops and hobbyists alike.

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Live Tuning vs. Dyno Tuning

If you wanted to know the differences between Dyno Tuning, Live Tuning, and Street Tuning, this sums it all up nicely.

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RPM vs. MPH Calculator

Want to know what gears to choose for your new tires? Or maybe you're just curious how many RPMs you're running at a specific speed. This utility helps you figure all that out. It is set up for the 4R100 transmission, but can easily be modified to work with the 5R110 or any other transmission, provided you know what the ration is for each gear. This is a handy utility for drag racers as well as high speed racers that need to know what their engine RPMs are at in specific gears at specific speeds when figuring out tire and gear combinations.

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Load Calculation

This is a SAE Spec formula that determines how Load is calculated by a vehicle's PCM.

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