I just returned form a trip with my 1999.5 F-550 pulling a Cedar Creek 36 RLTS. Total vehicle weight: around 24,000 lb. 7.3 4x4 ZF6 with 4.88 rear axle. 2500 rpm @ 70 mph in OD. I was running with a Diablo Predator before and was forced to return the truck to stock tune just to tow the trailer because the EGT would easily hit 1400 degrees on any hill, even using their mildest Tow/Safe tunes.

I purchased a Phoenix 6 position chip with

  • Stock
  • High Idle
  • 25hp Heavy tow
  • 40hp Medium tow
  • 80hp Performance
  • Smoke Show

After installing the chip and pulling the trailer, I found that on the 25hp Heavy Tow, the engine would pull the trailer up any hill up to about 4-5% grade in OD without having to shift down.

The turbo would simply spool up and the EGT's would not go over 1100 degrees - cooler by 100 degrees over the stock tune. It was very surprising to me how much better the engine sounded and ran as well. Bill knows his stuff and if I ever have a need for a another chip on a different truck I will not consider any other vendor. VERY satisified customer.

1999 F550 4x4 ZF6 pulling a Cedar Creek 36RLTS
Custom Tuned Phoenix Chip

I just returned Hey everyone, just wanted to post about my great experience with PHP. I know I was probably not the only one waiting a while for custom tunes but it was more than worth the wait. Not only does my F150 run better, it has better acceleration and when I want to save gas, I can average as much as my V6 Mustang which has a 8.8 rear with 3.73s with the economy tune.

On the performance tune in a 1 hour drive I averaged 15 in one direction with flooring it several times since I was still testing out the tune. Drove it back home cruising at like 23mpgs to a gallon and averaged about 17. Is this great or what?

It gets even better, Ice Storm last night in North Jersey so I had to use 4wd to drive home, drove an entire hour between 40 and 60mph with the 4wd on, and I was cruising most of the time around 19 to 23mpgs, unless I was accelerating and I averaged 15.5. When I first bought the truck, I was averaging from 12mpgs with 2wd and a semi-heavy foot to 8mpg with 4wd. I mean this is really great and Bill knows what he's doing, has anyone else seen improvements like this? I am shocked, I wish my v6 with 3.73s could get better mpgs.

Bill with your custom tunes, I think you should eventually tackle custom tunes for Mustangs and if you do, I'll be one of the first to try it and recommend it to my club of 570+ members.

Once again, I would like to thank PHP, especially the helpful people who helped keep me patient. Thanks and great work!

2004 F-150 5.4L
Gryphon Programmer and Custom Calibrations

I would like to start out by saying thank you to Bill & Corey of Power Hungry Performance! Not only is Bill a master of his trade but he and Corey are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! In this day and age it is not very often that what is being sold matches its advertisement, and God knows you can count on one hand the times that the product ends up being superior.

I am actually traveling right now to a little league baseball district tournament in Ocala, Florida so this is the first tank of gas in a variety of driving conditions (stop & go to Highway) using the Gryphon's custom 93 octane performance tune and I can tell a night and day difference above the previous performance canned tune throughout the entire powerband.

2000 F-150 Lariat 5.4L
Upgrade and Custom Calibrations

I bought the truck for its towing ability to pull our travel trailer. What I did not expect though was the throttle lag and sluggish downshifting when I wanted a sudden burst of power for passing. Bill's towing tune on the Gryphon has changed all that. Now I have quick throttle response and crisp, sure shifting that makes passing, even while pulling a trailer, a breeze. It's like I have a new truck at virtually no cost.

Additionally, since I can now monitor powertrain parameters like Transmission Fluid Temperature and Cylinder Head Temperature, I've gained peace of mind from knowing the level of stress I'm putting on the vehicle, especially when towing over high mountain passes.

Bill and Corey have been absolutely superb in the area of customer support. They are easy to reach and they clearly have the satisfaction of their customers as their first priority. Bottom line: A first class product from a business with integrity! Power Hungry Performance is a winner!

2005 F-150 5.4L
Upgrade and Custom Calibrations