I just received my custom tunes and new Pegasus software for the Gryphon. I am extremely pleased with performance gains and mpg I am getting with my new tunes. Also, big thanks for the awesome customer support I received from Bill and Corey. They are really class act people! A Big Thumbs Up!

2004 F-150 5.4L
Custom Calibrations

I want to thank you for your assistance in removing the speed limiter from my truck. I had almost given up until I met you guys on the forums and started talking to you by phone. You guys were able to figure out why my [programmer] would not remove my speed limiter and sent me the updated firmware that removed the limiter.

Out of all the customer service people I have dealt with you guys were the best and most polite of all. I will recommend you to anyone that... wants their [programmer] custom tuned.

Again, I want to thank you and tell you to keep up the Amazing Work.

1997 Ford F-150 4.6L
Custom Calibrations

I just wanted to thank you for the tunes! It drives like a different truck now! 87 Perf. is great and I can't wait to try the 93 Performance Tune!

2005 F-150 4.6L
Gryphon Programmer and Custom Calibrations

My truck is better than ever! Got custom tunes for towing and performance. The truck now pulls the boat and I don't even feel it. The performance tune throws me into the back of my seat and turns heads. Great customer service and walked me through step by step.

2005 F-150
Gryphon Programmer and Custom Calibrations