I just wanted to thank you for the tunes! It drives like a different truck now! 87 Perf. is great and I can't wait to try the 93 Performance Tune!

2005 F-150 4.6L
Gryphon Programmer and Custom Calibrations

My truck is better than ever! Got custom tunes for towing and performance. The truck now pulls the boat and I don't even feel it. The performance tune throws me into the back of my seat and turns heads. Great customer service and walked me through step by step.

2005 F-150
Gryphon Programmer and Custom Calibrations

I received and installed the chip you sent me for my 1995 Navistar 4700 equipped with the T444E diesel and the 5 speed transmission and these are my observations:

  1. The power has improved pretty much throughout the RPM range with the possible exception of between idle and 1000 rpms.
  2. Although I am still limited by the governor in the PCM, I find that my acceleration from zero to full governed speed has dramatically improved.
  3. I have found that I can climb hills in the next higher gear when full loaded (25,000 lbs.) about 85% of the time when compared to the stock program. I have done add-ons to other vehicles in the past (gasoline engines) and have always had a difficult time determining how much improvement there really was.

After all, if I just spent money to improve performance, then there had to be improvement, real or imagined. I am happy to say there is NO DOUBT about the improvement in performance provided by your chip. It's hard to "keep my foot out of it." Thanks for delivering what you promised.

1995 Navistar 4700 T444E
Phoenix Chiip and Custom Calibrations

I cannot thank you enough for writing a tune to get my truck back to stock after someone else had reprogrammed it, and then for writing the custom tunes for it. I have been using the 87 Octane Performance Tune and can really feel a difference in how the truck performs and how much more drivable it is now!

Before your tune my truck was getting 8MPG on a different company's tune for around town driving, now I am getting 13MPG. It may not sound like much, but it is a 5MPG increase just for loading a different tune.

I also wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service and support over the weekend. It is not hard to see why your company is growing; you guys are the best!

2007 Ford F-150 5.4L
Gryphon Programmer and Custom Calibrations