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Please check your connector and PCM before ordering!

The 1998 vehicles are a split year and may have the "older" PCM style, which will NOT work with our Orion Reflash System. That PCM would use a specialty Hydra Chip. Give us a call for details on the 1994-1998 vehicles. Check the gallery for PCM references.  

The Orion Reflash System requires a Windows laptop!

Introducing the Orion Reflash System for Navistar®!

The Orion Reflash System for Navistar® has been developed to help improve the performance, drivability, and economy of the 1998 - 2006 model year Navistar® equipped vehicles. This includes the 3000 Series (School Buses) and the 4000 Series (Single Cab and Crew Cab Trucks). With power increases approaching as much as 100 HP over a stock configuration , you will be able to achieve the performance, acceleration, fuel economy you need.

Power Hungry Performance has leveraged its decades of tuning experience and familiarity with the 7.3L platform to developed tuning for the T444e-equipped vehicles that rivals the performance of its Ford F-Series cousin. But, it doesn't end there. Due to the similarities in engine management and HEUI Injection, we are also able to provide tuning for the VT275, VT365, DT466, DT530, and DT570 applications as well, achieving similar gains in performance and economy.

How does the new Orion Reflash System for Navistar® help?

The Orion Reflash System for Navistar® can improve your driving experience by:

  • Increasing power output for improve hauling and towing capability
  • Easily selecting from 7 different power levels depending on your needs
  • Improving throttle response for quicker starts off the line
  • Reducing acceleration times to help get up to speed
  • Improving overall fuel economy to help reduce fuel costs
  • Providing basic diagnostics for reading and clearing Trouble Codes
  • Allowing access to change several optional Vehicle Parameters

How does the new Orion Reflash System for Navistar® work?

Once you purchase the Orion Reflash System, we will send you the needed hardware. You will use the hardware and a Windows laptop to read the vehicle's base file. You will email us that base file, we will re-work that file and email you our updated files. You fill then use the hardware and your laptop to upload the new file into your vehicle.

With the Orion Reflash System for Navistar® from Power Hungry Performance, improving the power, drivability, and fuel economy of your Navistar® equipped vehicle has never been easier. Just plug in, reflash, and achieve the performance that these vehicles are capable of!


Please note: modifications to the vehicle may require alterations to the standard reflash, which will cost an additional $300. These modifications may include but are not limited to aftermarket injectors or HPOPs. If you need a custom reflash, please add the Orion Custom Reflash to your order. If you have any questions, please call.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

6-pin connector, 9-pin connector, 9-pin w/ adapter, adapter only