Minotaur Tuning


Minotaur Tuning Software: Use what the professionals do for added control and performance

Any 7.3L owner who wants more control over their tuning should give Minotaur a run. Choosing your user level gives you varying degrees of control and access to maps and functions. You choose the proficiency you’re comfortable with.

Restrictions: This item is not for sale or use in California due to BS CARB regulations. Thank you for your understanding. 


  • Tune using the same 3D graphical tuning software used by hundreds of professionals
  • Currently available for 7.3L PSDs
  • Supports full, 4-bank emulation using Moates Quarterhorse emulator
  • Modifiable map scaling
  • Adjustable X/Y axis zero coordinates
  • Scaled or fixed map axes
  • Full support for 32-bit float memory
  • Up to 8 viewable binaries (1 working and 7 overlays)
  • Improved map blending from overlays
  • Free trial version available for use


  • Individual 7.3L Minotaur Package: $745
    • Software license
    • MDF (definition file) for requested PCM strategy
    • All standard calibrations for requested PCM strategy (total number based on year of truck)
    • Hydra Chip w/ Extension Cable
  • Professional 7.3L Minotaur Package: $2995
    • Software license
    • MDFs for all PCM strategies
    • All standard calibrations for each PCM family
    • Hydra Chip w/ Extension Cable
    • Moates Quarterhorse emulator

A la carte pricing:

  • Minotaur software license: $200
  • Additional seat: $150
  • Individual 7.3L PCM MDFs: $250
  • Unencrypted binary for your setup: $150

Please email billing@phptune.com with questions or to order.